Home Creek Field Notes by RR. Miller and R.G. Miller June 30, 1939

Home Creek Redband Trout

Catlow Valley System (Interior Basin). Locality: Oregon: Home Creek 8 miles S. of Roaring Sprs, E. side of Catlow Valley-Harney Co. Water: clear-white-no odor. Vegetation: none when seined; some bottom veg. Below. Bottom: silt and rocks. Tep.: 23˚C; av 27˚C. Shore: Willow Thickets, sage flat. Current: Moderate to swift. Distance from shore: width of pool seemed up to 8′. Depth of capture: up to 1 ½ ft. Depth of water: same. Method of Capture 9 ft. ¼ “ seine. Collected by R.R. and R.G. Miller. Date: June 30, 1939; 12:30-12:45 p.m.

Siphateles (catlowensis) [chub] only . . . Home Cr. Enters Catlow Valley through an impressive V-shaped gorge in the steep eastern basaltic range. It is a rather shallow, small, swiftly flowing stream. Rancher here say . . . water it flows into a “lake” to the southwest and that Three-mile Cr. Also flows here at times. He says, however, that water from Roaring Sprs. Only rarely reaches this lake, because its drainage is more to the west of the lake. He reported the first time he saw chubs in Home Cr was last year.

─The above field notes were provided by the Fish Division of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology/UMMZ.

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